Established in Istanbul in 1972, İpek Idrofil Pamuk San ve Tic A.S. is one of the most well rooted cotton manufacturers in Turkey. As a company that only appealed to the domestic cotton wool market in its first years, İpek Pamuk later achieved a competitive capacity in the global arena through investments in facilities, technology and human resources.

Today, İpek Pamuk has become the largest cotton wool producer in Turkey and one of the leading cotton wool producers in the world due to its production of bleached cotton wool, pleated cotton wool, cotton wool for cosmetic use and non-woven cotton wool at its modern facilities in Kirklareli Luleburgaz, for which investments were completed in 1994. The company operates in many countries by offering the highest quality cotton and cotton-based products to its customers for different uses like basic needs, cosmetics and baby care through its brands İpek Classic, İpek Organic, İpelina and İpek Baby. All İpek products conform to Turkish, European and British Pharmacopeia standards and can also be manufactured to fit the desired standards based on consumer demand.