Pleated Cotton Wool

Organic Pleated Cotton Wool

“Ipek Organik” pleated cotton wool is made out of 100% pure cotton that is ECOCERT Greenlife S.A.S. certified. Cotton grown with organic agriculture methods is processed using products that are likewise certified organic in every stage of production. The most natural cleaning tool, Ipek Organic pleated cotton wool gently cleans even the most sensitive skin without causing harm, thanks to its soft texture. It is also environmentally friendly thanks to its oxo-biodegradable packaging.

Suggestion of Use

  • You may use pleated cotton wool to gently clean minor cuts and grazes.
  • After your pedicure, place pieces of pleated cotton wool between your toes in order to prevent your nail polish from being smudged whilst drying.
  • Use pleated cotton wool to wipe down the surface of delicate items in your home.
  • In order to remove odors from your refrigerator, dampen pieces of pleated cotton wool with milk or vanilla oil and place them in a container inside your refrigerator for 3-4 hours.
  • Use pleated cotton wool to clean delicate leather items such as shoes and handbags.