Make-Up Cleansing Pad

Organic Make-Up Cleansing Pad

“Ipek Organik” make-up cleansing pads are made out of 100% pure cotton that is ECOCERT Greenlife S.A.S. certified. Cotton grown with organic agriculture methods is processed using products that are likewise certified organic in every stage of production. Their natural and soft texture helps you remove your make-up and cleanse your skin in the best way possible. Ipek Organic make-up cleansing pads are also environmentally friendly thanks to oxo-biodegradable packaging.

Suggestion of Use

  • Use make-up cleansing pads to apply cream or foam make-up removers to your skin.
  • Use make-up cleansing pads or cotton to gently clean minor cuts and grazes.
  • Make-up cleansing pads soaked in water and chilled in the fridge make a soothing cold compress for your eyes.
  • When your make-up becomes shiny, you may use make-up cleansing pads to remove the excessive oil from your face.
  • When packing for a trip, you could place a round make-up cleansing pad on top of your blush or powder before closing the lid in order to prevent the product from breaking.
  • After your pedicure, you may place make-up cleansing cotton balls between your toes in order to prevent your nail polish from being smudged whilst drying.
  • Dampen make-up cleansing pads or cotton balls with your favourite perfume or aromatic oil and place them in a corner of your room or bathroom. The scent will slowly permeate the entire room.
  • In order to remove odors from your refrigerator, dampen make-up cleansing pads or cotton balls with milk or vanilla oil and place them in a container inside your refrigerator for 3-4 hours.
  • Spray your favourite perfume onto make-up cleansing pads and place them in your everyday bag or your sports bag to ensure that it smells fresh.
  • If your shoe pinches your foot, try placing a make-up cleansing pad in the problem area for relief and protection.
  • You may use make-up cleansing pads or cotton balls to wipe down the surface of delicate items at home without worrying that you may cause harm them.
  • Use make-up cleansing pads or cotton balls to clean delicate leather items such as shoes and handbags.
  • In order to prevent your delicate necklaces from becoming tangled or knotted, try storing them between make-up cleansing pads or cotton balls.