Cotton Bud

Organic Cotton Bud

“Ipek Organik” cotton buds are made out of 100% organic pure cotton that is ECOCERT Greenlife S.A.S. certified. Cotton grown with organic agriculture methods is processed using products that are likewise certified organic in every stage of production. An indispensible tool of natural personal care, cotton buds gently clean your outer ear with a soft touch. Thanks to their paper wands and special cardboard packaging, our cotton buds contain 85% less plastic than similar cotton buds.

Suggestion of Use

  • Use cotton buds to clean dust and dirt from between the keys of your computer.
  • Mold may form on hard-to-reach places. In order to clean these areas more easily you may dip the tips of cotton buds in bleach and leave them on the problem area for 1-2 hours before rinsing the moldy area with warm water.
  • You may use cotton buds to gently clean your jewellery.
  • Instead of carrying your perfume bottle in your bag, dampen the tips of cotton buds with your perfume and place them inside a plastic zipper storage bag. You may then remove the cotton buds from the plastic bag as necessary and apply the perfumed section to your neck and wrists.