İpek Pamuk, irreplaceable brand for families, is at your service with Minipek baby care products for your most precious ones, your babies. All Minipek products are under warranty of İpek Pamuk.

Baby Pads


Cleaning gets better with play! Your baby’s sensitive skin is entrusted to playful cat with its soft texture produced from 100% pure, undyed and perfume free cotton wool. Your baby’s friend Minipek Baby pads will make your baby smile while safely cleaning your baby’s sensitive skin.

Baby Protector Buds


Cleaning gets better with play! Your baby’s gentle ears are entrusted to the sleepy koala with its soft and 100% pure cotton wool texture. You can safely take care of your baby’s gentle ears and the area around the ears thanks to your baby’s friend Minipek Baby Protector Buds.

Caution! Do not insert cotton buds into nose and ear canals. Getting into the ear canal could cause injury. Keep out of reach of children.